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Ep 33: Shopify benchmarks SMB CAC; Reviews tell the story of Walmarts inventory woes; Twitter & WhatsApp now offering local business pages
Shopify CAC, Marketing Benchmarks for SMBs; Is Your Customer Acquisition Cost Sustainable? Benchmarks for Every Industry;What Reviews Tell Us About How Walmart’s Supply Chain Issues; Twitter’s GMB Profile
Ep 32: How B2B sales have changed forever, ApplePay growth stalled, Can we trust FB smart glasses?
B2B sales have changed forever with self-serve playing an ever larger role. Why is leading digital wallet Apple Pay uptake still so low? Will Facebook’s SmartGlasses make it out of the gate?
Episode 31: MailChimp selling for $10b?, 1-800-Contacts sues Warby Parker over Adwords, Will Yahoo rise again?
MailChimp priced at $10b for Intuit proves value of SMB SAAS, 1-800-Contacts sues Warby Parker over trade name use in Adwords, Will Yahoo have a new life after Verizon sale?
Episode 30: Walmart Deliveries for SMBs, SMB Social Media Disconnect, Apple Maps Reviews
Part 1 Video Starts 00:13 - GoLocal: Walmart’s Last-Mile Delivery Service for SMBs Part 2 Video- Starts 8:28 - The SMB social media disconnect: what SMBs THINK consumers want is not what they want Part 3 Video- Starts 15:25 - With recent roll out of Apple Map
Ep 29: FTC takes big swing at FB, Survey: What SMBs really need, Can a Local food delivery co-op compete?
FTC says Facebook Resorted to Illegal Buy-or-Bury Scheme to Crush Competition After Failed Attempts to Innovate, Clients tell all: What small businesses need from marketing agencies today, How to Start a Local Restaurant Delivery Service: An Interview with Clay Seaman of Omaha LoCo
Ep 28: Google devastates local food delivery, The boom in pet adoption leaves Vets overwhelmed, Amazon sellers paying to delete negative reviews
The unintended consequences of Google ramping up Local Food ordering; local delivery devastated, a surprising outcome of Covid includes Veterinary burnout and a shortage of animal Vets, In the strange world of review abuse merchants pay (or abuse) for negative review takedowns
Ep 27: Yelp’s Positive Q2 Reports, When do SMBs Hire Key Roles & How to Create Content When AI Writes Well
Yelp recovers from pandemic lows, SMBs hire key staff later than thought and how to create content when AI writes it all
Ep 26: FB profits on way to metaverse, Apple & Snapchat up their SMB Maps play & Privacy seems less likely
We discuss the Facebook Metaverse, the non impact of Apple’s actions, Apple & Snapchats improved local mapping, and how privacy seems ever further away.
Ep 25: Google makes reviewing easy by adding attributes to restaurant reviews, Fake reviews are costly to SMBS but Google seems incapable of squashing them, Square’s new bank is a threat to traditional SMB banking relationships
Google makes reviewing easy by adding attributes to restaurant reviews, Fake reviews are costly to SMBS but Google seems incapable of squashing them, Square’s new bank is a threat to traditional SMB banking relationships
EP 24: Biden encourages departments to go all in on increasing competition, Will Craigslist decline create opportunity for NextDoor? Will public notification of facial recognition deter shoppers?
Biden Executive order sets stage for Executive branch cooperation to increase competitiveness in US, Does a declining Craiglist create an opening for NextDoor in classifieds? Will facial recognition notices slow down shoppers?
EP 23: Google Play store antitrust suit futile?, Good Local content makes the difference, Yext Search Data hub provides GMB Insights at scale
Google Play store antitrust suit futile? Case Study: Good Local content succeeds against Google algo updates! Yext Search Data Hub provides interesting GMB Insights Data across 600,000 listings
Ep 22: FB Bulletin = newsletter + social, Shopify creating Ad Network?, Supreme Court ruling re-opens scraping question
Facebook releases Bulletin, a subscription newsletter that integrates FB comments; Is Shopify creating a cross website Ad network to assist their SMB’s ad efforts?; The Supreme Court orders a review of the HiQ-LinkedIn dispute that could endanger scraping & Martech stacks
FLoC is flailing, Privacy Success of DuckDuckGo, Businesses need employee vaccination policies
FLoC is flailing, Privacy Successes of DuckDuckGo & Businesses need employee vaccination policies
The Near Memo, Ep 20 - The local arc from inventory to ordering to monopoly and consolidation
An exciting week in local. We explore the local arc from inventory to ordering to monopoly and consolidation
The Near Memo, Episode 19
Apple killed email? Google’s crazy Local business names; In person conferences are wonderful & weird
The Near Memo, Episode 18
Is there a solution to fake review?; Google’s Grand Vision for search is nothing if not ambitious; How a local bookstore is fighting for his business and his community in his fight against Amazon.
The Near Memo, Episode 17
Why Local Guides are Bad for Your Business; Google’s Push for Privacy to Regain Consumer Trust and SMB Products to Compete with Amazon. SMB platforms are converging on a suite of sophisticated tools for marketing & ops automation
The Near Memo, Episode 16
Are Yelp’s problems self-inflicted?; Google I/O: they flex their AI muscles and move further into local products with the Shopping Graph; Google going into Retail, really?
The Near Memo, Episode 15
Shopify makes the case for local ecommerce with some great stats; Why do consumers desire to buy local but still buy at Amazon?; How did Google win the review wars vs Yelp?
The Near Memo, Episode 14
Referenced Articles * Flurry Analytics iOS 14.5 Opt-in Rate [] * How Shopify’s Network Can Take on Amazon […
The Near Memo, Episode 13
Is Apple being paternalistic to not allow advertisers to provide ATT incentives? Can Yelp make their way with transactions? Amazon, amazing profits, amazing (& ruthless) efficiencies
The Near Memo, Episode 12
Zagat reviews, but shorter and more visual, rise from the Google ashes; The FTC ability to levy fines as a deterrent is knee capped by SCOTUS; Apple privacy changes AND review capability coming this week.
The Near Memo, Episode 11
FB Survey: increased SMB e-commerce & struggles What will consumers do when the economy opens? SubStack creates program to develop local news
The Near Memo, Episode 10
SWYFT Opens New Avenues for SMBs to compete with Prime. Is the FTC getting serious about review enforcement? So long Yahoo Answers, can Google Local Guides get this product category right?
The Near Memo, Episode 9
Website Builder SquareSpace acquires restaurant backend system Tock; Google My Business shoots themselves in the Messaging foot by showing competitors when a consumer attempts to message a specific business; GroundTruth bets on the SMB market with acquisition of Addy.
The Near Memo, Episode 8
Episode 8: Google fights with Rand Fishkin over “zero-click” searches. Can a rating only review ever be defamatory? Will Yahoo’s brand rise from the ashes as a Verizon subscription service?
The Near Memo, Episode 7
The impact of COVID-19 one year into the pandemic: consumers prefer rigorous mask enforcement by businesses, eCommerce has become table stakes, the trends in advertising and privacy favor the triopoly.
The Near Memo, Episode 6
How the advertising duopoly has created alternative income models, Tock and the restaurant friendly delivery model, deconstructing Google’s recent announcements about Local Guides and photo updates in Google Maps.
The Near Memo, Episode 5
Google’s first privacy stance benefits...Google, Measuring the Public’s Trust in Tech, and Volvo’s Direct-to-Consumer Model Portends Radical Shifts for Car Dealers.
The Near Memo, Episode 4
The Near Memo is a weekly conversation about Search, Social, and Commerce: Whathappened, why it matters, and the implications for local businesses and nationalbrands.Greg: Okay, welcome to the nearer memo. Episode 4, I believe. This is our weeklyconversation with me, Greg Sterling, Mike Blumenth…
The Near Memo, Episode 3
The Near Memo is a weekly conversation about Search, Social, and Commerce: What happened, why it matters, and the implications for local businesses and national brands.
The Near Memo, Episode 2
Welcome to the Near Memo. Our conversation about the important developments of the week and beyond.
The Near Memo, Episode I
Mike Blumenthal and David Mihm join Greg Sterling for the first episode of The Near Memo podcast, where they discuss Amazon’s recent PR stunt, the recent activity and interest around newsletters, the arrival of Clubhouse, and privacy.