Part 1 starts 00:13 - Google Ambassadors (ie Gig Workers) now staffing GBP support  poorly

Google Business Profile support has added a new layer of first level support using what they call Google Ambassadors. These are “passionate brand advocates” working as gig workers. While it provides a comforting, warm body to the chat support experience, it is likely to just waste your time. So be prepared to take a winding path to your answer and expect to be passed along without a conclusive solution.

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Google Shifting GBP Support to 'Brand Ambassadors' aka Gig Workers?

GBP Support Using Gig Workers

Part 2 starts 12:05 - New Google feature: Search Generative Experience while browsing

This new generative AI search feature, adds automatic article summaries to a web page to quickly find the web page’s key points and jump directly to the relevant section to learn more. It works reasonably well on the desktop but is problematic on mobile devices. Google is attempting to insert themselves into your website and to direct users to other searches.

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SGE While Browsing in Chrome: Testing Google's New AI Product with Lily Ray

SGE while browsing ​​​​Search Generative Experience while browsing

Part 3 starts 19:00 - Are AI Generated review summaries the future of platform reviews?

Newegg, Amazon and others have started to use AI to create summaries of the typical user review.  It will expedite purchases because people will get the information they need from the review summary without having to read the underlying reviews. It is an idea that possibly will make shopping more efficient and sets a trend that Google will surely follow.

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Amazon Review Highlights Roll Out