Part 1 starts 00:13 - New Local Ad format is a local ad as local ads should be

New Local Ad format is a local ad as local ads should be.  Google seems to have rolled out a new ad unit that relies on local assets like GBP photos for the the creatives. The ads include a map, review ratings and an image are very eye-catching and appear to be extremely easy to create and use. This is the ad that Google should have made available to local advertisers from day one.

Segment Reference Article:  New ad format (Twitter)

Part 2 starts 07:40 - New GBP Guidelines clarify long “secret” policies

Google rolled out a number of new policy statements regarding the rules guiding suspensions and content take downs affecting Google Business Profiles (GBP). These guidelines, long the working rules that affected listings and listing content, now make explicit how a user accounts and abuses affect whether a business continues to have access to any given listing or whether that listing will be removed from Google.  While this increased clarity is welcome the devil is in the details.

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Part 3 starts 14:25 - Google SGE finally includes reference links

Rather than just straight up plagiarism of the recent past, Google’s new AI based search test is now testing three different ways of including links in the “search generative experience (SGE). Some of these link tests make the links more obvious than others. However none of this pertains to local as there Google solely references their Local Knowledge Graph and GBP listings. In most of these cases, to get to the business website requires 2 clicks (go figure). While the SGE experience is improving it still has a ways to go to be better than the current search experience.

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Finally, Links in Google SGE

Google testing links directly in Search Generative Experience snapshot answers