This episode breaks from our typical Near Memo format in two big ways:

1) at 50 minutes, it’s roughly double the length of a typical episode, and
2) rather than a roundtable discussion, it’s a deep-dive interview with a single entrepreneur.

Craig Mount, Co-Founder and CEO of peanut butter (and media) brand Nerdy Nuts takes us through the trajectory of his company – from starting up selling a handful of jars at a farmer’s market to doing $80,000 in ecommerce sales in just two minutes.

Craig goes into great detail about key moments for his company, from a seminal conversation with a friend in PR about how to position his business, to the company’s first big break on Fox Business (and how they got it), to his wife’s intuition in the early days of Tiktok, and so much more.

It’s a terrific story of contemporary entrepreneurship with a number of practical takeaways for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Nerdy Nuts’ current tech stack: