Part 1 starts 00:13: How different age groups think about reviews

In a recent, large scale survey of attitudes and behaviors around reviews, Miriam Ellis uncovered some interesting facts about the different behaviors in different age groups

Segment Reference Article: 13 Age-based Local Business Review Preferences You Can Serve

Part 2 starts 9:58:  Evolution of Apple’s  Business Register - Why isn’t Apple targeting the Enterprise?

A great listing management interface particularly compared to Google’s new (but flawed) experience. Apple hasn’t gone after enterprise brands and suggests that the register be limited to 20 locations. Apple Maps is fully indexed in the Google search results. Apple’s could provide a viable alternative to Google and Yelp but the lack of investment and marketing seems to be holding them back.

Part 3 starts 17:52 :  Google’s Visual Elements Gallery demonstrates just how complicated search has become

Google’s newly announced Visual Elements Gallery, while an attempt to help developers understand the many elements in search, demonstrates just how complicated search has become. Does this complexity serve the search or confuse them?

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