Part 1 Video start 0:13 - Shopify study shows much higher churn than WooCommerce, why & what are the implications?

A recent study in the Mails & Globe explores retention over the past 3 years of the major e-commerce platforms. They concluded that Shopify's retention was one of the lowest particularly compared to Woo Commerce. Is this a failure on the part of Shopify or just a reflection of how easy it is to get started with the product? While interesting, does the study tell the whole story?

Reference Article: Shopify has a growing problem with customer retention, Globe data study shows (Paywall)

Part 2 Video start 7:02 -  SEMRush zero click study makes the case that the web clicks are still king

SEMRush recently completed an in-depth study of zero click behavior on Google. While the study largely ignored local search, its findings were much more granular than previous work in this area. When you discount query refinement, and users that move to a different part of Google after the initial query, that Google is sending roughly 25% of users to its own answers while sending > 43% on to other websites.

Segment Reference Articles Zero clicks study

Part 3 Video start 14:30-  Apple Maps Vs Google Maps Functionality in Europe

During his recent travels in the UK, Portugal and Italy, Mike Blumenthal used biking, driving and walking directions as well as restaurant and hotel discovery features in both Google and Apple Maps. Google’s biking directions won out as Apple doesn’t offer them in Europe yet. Google’s hospitality POIs were so good that there was no need for TripAdvisor or other 3rd party apps. But when it came to driving directions and walking directions Apple Maps was consistently superior for a tourist.