When should you ask for reviews for your business? Is Google SGE the real deal or just a placeholder? Apple Vision Pro might just be the next great thing.

Part 1 starts 00:13 - When should you ask for reviews?

Common wisdom in the world of reputation management is that you ask for reviews immediately following a client transaction. Research from the University of Nevada seems to indicate otherwise. But like many things in marketing, it depends. It depends on your demographic, your product or service and likely on the relationship you have with your customer. Test it, is the best advice.

Segment Reference Article: Review Timing Impact

Part 2 starts 7:44 - Is Google SGE a headfake?

With the rollout of Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) Google seems to have staunched the flow of the movement to Bing. But the product is flakey, shows sometimes and not others, provides mediocre results and is generally an unsatisfactory experience. Was this just a way to keep users and Wall Street on board until Bard is integrated with apps and they can better deliver on AI in search?

Part 3 starts 17:38 - Apple Vision Pro - Truly a vision

With the high price & the size it is easy to be skeptical of Apple’s Vision Pro. Reports from actual users paint a different picture, one of a desktop replacement that seems to provide a metaphor for the next generation of computing.

Segment Reference Article:  Vision Pro: 'Feels Like the Future'