Ep 107: Local Search Ranking Factors with Darren Shaw

Local Search Ranking factors with Darren Shaw: Big Takeaways and big changes from previous years, Local search difference makers & lesser known tactics, Conversion factors and myths

Whitespark Local Search Ranking Factors

Reference for all segments: Ranking Factors - Everything you need to focus on to win rankings in 2023!

Part 1 starts 00:13 - Local Search Ranking Factors - Big Takeaways and big changes from previous years

Local Search Ranking Factors - Big Takeaways and big changes from previous years.
In this segment we take a bird’s eye view of the survey, how it was crafted, its history and the big takeaways.
What has changed the most? What is new? What are the LSA ranking factors? What are the basic must do activities to get started in the ranking arena.

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Part 2 starts 12:03 - Local Search Ranking Factors - Difference makers & lesser known tactics

The factors we explored in segment 1 are essentially table stakes. If you really want to compete in local search rankings it is important to implement the difference makers. These efforts are reflected in survey answers 11- 30. This applies to both the local pack and the organic results.
Beyond the difference makers in local search activity, we explore some of the dark horse tactics. These are factors that are buried and may only work in certain markets, verticals or a particular situation. But when they do work, they work very well.

Part 3 starts 26:39 - Local Search Ranking Factors - Conversion factors and myths

Not every activity will lead to increased ranking but could very well lead to increased conversions. It doesn’t matter if you are ranked #1 if the supporting information doesn’t reinforce your position, the searcher will just scroll past you and land on someone else's listing.  The days of searchers blindly picking the first result are long gone, so we explore those attributes that make your GBP  listing THE most appealing.

And don’t forget the myths. Like an imperfect process, many techniques lead nowhere but sound good. The problem is they waste your time. Learn which are tactics are really just not effective despite what some say

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