Microsoft’s transformation of Bing with AI and other smart moves; Walmart overcomes evil stigma, appeals to upscale shoppers; 100 Ecommerce execs are investing more in SEO & PPC.

Part 1 starts 00:13 - Microsoft’s transformation of Bing with AI & some smart moves

There are now millions of people on the BingChat waitlist. And many have noted a positive reaction to the bot. But the compressed hype cycle around the release of ChatGPT and BingChat, a series of stories bemoaning the “nature” of the chatbot.
Will users start shifting their searches to Bing? Has Microsoft pulled off the search coup of the decade?

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Part 2 starts 14:04 - Walmart overcomes stigma of evil & appeals to upscale shoppers

Walmart, under the direction of CEO Doug McMillon, has overcome a terrible reputation and built out effective online-offline commerce capabilities. Using groceries as their ‘hook” they are attracting more upscale customers with easy online ordering and curbside pickup. To further engage this long elusive audience, Walmart is not building out stores with a more Target (or as my sister say Targeé)  like feel.

Segment reference article: Walmart is rolling out sleek new store designs - CNBC

Part 3 starts 22:03 - 100 Ecommerce execs are investing more in SEO & PPC

With fear of recession, paid search increased 12% while influencer marketing and paid social were both down. SEO and PPC high ROI investments and demonstrate the importance of search when you need to acquire new customers and increase sales.

Segment reference article: A Brief Benchmark Report On Growth, Risk, And Strategy