Part 1 starts 00:13 - Will GBP rescue the multi-location Business Profile Manager dashboard from the trash bin?

Google recently added a new functionality to the Business Profile Manager dashboard: they upgraded the bulk Insights download to match the data points available in the API and the Google Maps editing interface. Is this an indication that Google is finally dusting off the dashboard and is going to make it fit for service?

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Part 2 starts 7:14 - GBP listing cleanup & more rigorous verification → less fraud but more work for honest businesses

Over the past 15 years Google largely allowed fake businesses and fake reviews to persist in the Google Maps index. Starting 2 years ago Google started, finally, cleaning up listings and reviews. They have subsequently implemented more rigorous verification standards

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Part 3 starts 14:30 - If Apple builds it (a search engine) will they come (from Google)?

Roughly half of consumers are not satisfied with Google search. Apple, in recent testimony, claims to not be interested in building a search engine because Google is so good. And yet rumors persist that Apple has been doing the do to actually build a search engine. Google meanwhile with Bard and Google Assistant and hardware upgrades is trying to capitalize on the 45% that are Google devotees.

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