Ep 136: How Local SEO Agencies Are Using Generative AI & ChatGPT: Tips, Tactics and Strategies

Joy Hawkins of Sterling Sky and Darren Shaw of Whitespark share how Generative AI and ChatGPT are transforming their agencies at both a tactical and strategic level to improve content, reporting and employee results.

Ep 136: How Local SEO Agencies Are Using Generative AI & ChatGPT: Tips, Tactics and Strategies
Joy & Darren supervising their AI minions to get their Local SEO work done!

Join us for this great conversation with Joy Hawkins and Darren Shaw. We explore:

  • Experiences and opinions on the use of AI tools like ChatGPT in SEO and content creation.
  • The effectiveness of AI in different aspects of agency work, including creative tasks and data analysis.
  • The influence of AI on the quality of content and the evolving nature of SEO strategies.
  • Perspectives on the future impact of AI on the SEO industry and the role of agencies.

Part 1 starts 00:13 - How Local SEO agencies use AI to improve client content

  • Content Creation Challenges with AI: Contrary to initial expectations, AI has not replaced content writers. While it is used for drafting and repurposing content, AI-generated articles often require extensive human editing, especially for factual accuracy and coherence.
  • Content Refinement and Repurposing: AI excels in transforming existing content into different formats, like converting a list into a blog post or a blog into a script. This minimizes the editing work required.
  • Efficiency in Post Creation: AI has been particularly effective in generating social media or Google posts, reducing the time and mental effort involved in content creation. This includes automating tasks like emoji placement in posts.

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Part 2 starts 14:47 - How Local SEO agencies explain AI to their clients

AI in Client Communication: Both Sterling Sky and Whitespark  are transparent with clients about their AI usage, addressing concerns about potential negative impacts on SEO performance. AI is presented as a tool for idea generation and preliminary drafting, not as a primary content creator.

  • Client Engagement with AI: Clients are generally receptive and interested in AI's role in content creation. The emphasis is on AI as an assistant that complements human skills, ensuring quality and originality in content.
  • Cost Implications: There have been no significant shifts in pricing structures due to AI efficiencies. The focus is on using AI to maintain or reduce costs rather than altering client fees.

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Part 3 starts 29:48 - Local SEO Agencies & their AI future

  • AI as a reporting super power: extracting meaningful insights from large data sets for clients.
  • Using ChatGPT to understand reviews: Discussion of a specific reporting around reviews that provides a template for creating better client reporting and expanding reporting tools.
  • Long-Term Impact on Staffing and Skills: Agencies do not foresee AI re placing human staff. Instead, AI is viewed as a tool that enhances staff capabilities. Concerns about AI causing dependency or de-skilling are noted, but the overall sentiment is optimistic.
  • Future of AI in Local SEO: AI is expected to lead to more efficient workflows and better quality content. Agencies anticipate a growing divide between those heavily reliant on AI and those favoring a balanced, human-centric approach. AI's role in data analysis and automating repetitive tasks is highlighted, enhancing both client service and internal processes.

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