Part 1 starts 00:13: How ChatGPT’s  breakthrough ability to create content will significantly impact local

ChatGPT seems to provide a quantum leap in quality and speed AI generated content. How will this impact not just content, writers and thinkers in local but how it might actually, some day, provide a better local search experience.

Reference Article: ChatGPT and Local Search

Part 2 starts 11:37: A deep dive look at factors in Google Local’s new AI based review filter

After examining almost 300 cases of Google erroneously taking down local reviews, we can start to see some of the factors of their new AI first approach to moderation. We explore which business categories and profiles are most impacted. And we discuss the confusion caused by Google’s “false positives”.

Reference Article: Google's New Review Algo: What do we know

Part 3 starts 22:33 : Google nuke a joke location that promotes a lame basketball tame

The King’s, in creating the Beam, have created a common theme for its fans. Its presence on Google inspired a level of ironic worship that seemed to be fun for all. Google, however, didn’t see it that way, and despite all Google’s many issues, they found time to throw water on the fire.

Reference Article: Kings’ victory beam labeled a ‘place of worship’ on Google Maps, complete with comical fan testimonies