Part 1 starts 00:13 - Bing isn’t a Google killer but it is important for a number of other reasons

Bing’s inclusion of ChatGPT has positioned Microsoft to take over the search conversation even if it doesn’t unseat Google. Bing has done a thoughtful job of integrating chat into search but it remains awkwards and still lacks significant value to the search experience. This is particularly true with local searches.
It remains a dynamic situation with the possibility of the bing Chat API being integrated into vertical sites and better integrated with Bing search that might lead to some additional erosion of Google’s share.
Segment Reference Articles: BingGPT Not a 'Google Killer'

Part 2 starts 11:35 - Yelps’ remote work report likely indicates declining Yelp market share

Yelp used the relative increase of rural searches to indicate that users had moved to rural areas. These low volume searches showing an increase is better explained by Yelp’s declining market share in the urban centers.
Segment Reference Articles : Remote Work Report: How the Pandemic Has Reshaped Local Economies and How We Work

Part 3 starts 21:09 - How to deal with fake review attacks at Google

Google recently announced that they would filter fewer Local guide reviews. This appears to have led to an increase in fake review attacks. We detail the many arcane steps to increase the likelihood of fake review attacks being taken down.
Segment Reference Articles: Fake Review Attacks Increase on Google Business Profiles