Ep 151: Google goes to Brussels & attempts to defend their DMA compliance

Google tried to conquer and divide in Brussels at their recent DMA compliance seminar. Their presentation, while slick, left it unclear whether the EU would see their actions as compliant.

Ep 151: Google goes to Brussels & attempts to defend their DMA compliance

In this special edition, Mike and David discuss their visit to Brussels to attend Google’s report on their compliance with the European Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA, targeting large tech entities including Google, aims to regulate their status as gatekeepers to the internet. This session, specifically addressing Google's compliance, saw over 20 presenters from Google over an extensive eight-hour period, detailing their view of adherence to the DMA's regulations across various aspects of their operations.

The workshop was organized by the European Commission and attended by a diverse group, including industry trade groups, direct competitors such as DuckDuckGo, and consumer organizations. Discussions spanned from Google's dominance in online search and data portability to interoperability issues, with Google outlining its efforts in adapting its services to meet DMA requirements. Google specifically excluded Local, the Local Pack, Google Maps and entities from a need for compliance. 

Google's argument primarily revolved around the challenges of balancing stakeholder needs while continuing to innovate within the constraints imposed by the DMA. Despite this, skepticism persisted among attendees and the commission regarding Google's compliance, particularly concerning self-preferencing. The commission's quick initiation of an investigation into Google's compliance post-workshop indicates both a rigorous approach towards enforcing the DMA and great deal of skepticism on the part of the EU as to compliance.

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