Part 1 starts 00:13 - “Clicks Are Not a ranking signal” except that they are

If we have learned anything over the years with Google it is that you need to take with a huge grain of salt. While they might not lie, they have such narrow definitions and unstated assumptions that you really don’t know what they mean. Recent evidence in the antitrust case reveals that to be more true than ever.

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Ex-Googler: Clicks Affect Rankings

Part 2 starts 7:30 - Google Comments on Review Fraud: “We are the victim here”

In a shameless example of self interested BS Google suggested that the FTC should focus on the buyers and sellers of fake reviews in their new rule and NOT the platforms that caused the very problem. Given that Google did very little about fake reviews for over a decade and created the very incentives that they now blame merchants for taking advantage of, the FTC should look to both the buyer and sellers of fake reviews AND to the platforms that have caused the problems in the rule making.

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Google: Our Fake Reviews <1% of Something

Google Comments on the FTC’s Reviews and Endorsements ANPR

Part 3 starts 16:46 - Bard extensions - Google’s local and travel data creates better AI experience

Google has indicated that there will be a number of extensions from both themselves and 3rd parties to enhance Bard. This past week we saw the introduction of Google’s Maps, airline & hotel information into Bard. It seems that this is both a good way to limit the “hallucinations” of generative AI AND to extend their search prominence directly into their productivity tools.

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Bard+ Arrives with Extensions

Bard can now connect to your Google apps and services