Part 1 Video start 0:13 - Is Google’s Quick Read Feature useful or a Gen Z bone?

Google is testing a new label associated with content that is quick to read on both mobile and desktop. The label appears with either the text ‘Quick Read’ or ‘< 5 Min Read’, with several different combinations of each. Is this test, so close to the Helpful Content Update, a way to signal busy readers and garner their attention or is it a useful way to segment content so that searchers looking for in depth content can more easily find it?

Part 2 Video start 8:26 - Why Google Posts are rejected - Another Google AI first fail

Google Business Profiles recently updated Posts guidelines to prohibit poor quality images and re-use of images. Simultaneously there has been a huge increase in the forums of reports of Posts being rejected, no reasons given. Turns out that there are three explanations for the many rejections; there is a new Posts image bug, some images are duplicates AND some images are deemed too “racy” by an AI system that seems more prudish than cautious. However in all of that businesses are left to fend for themselves when their posts are rejected. There is no indication of what caused the rejection and no path given for on. Once again a Google AI first solution seems to be shifting costs downstream and making for unhappy businesses.

Part 3 Video start 14:56 - Nearby , Tiktok & Instagram need local seo now

Nearby, TikTok and Instagram have oodles of truly relevant local content and yet none of them has leveraged that valuable content into an SEO strategy that could attract new readers from Google local searches.