Part 1 starts 00:13 - You don’t own Google but you do own your processes

It can seem like Google controls the fate of small businesses with zero click search, erratic review policies and control of your business profile. Miriam Ellis points out at Moz that while Google’s behaviors create stress in the end almost all searchers in the local ecosystem end up on your turf.

Whether that is a call, coming to your location or on your website the business controls the interaction. Google customer experience doesn’t require a latte with every haircut but it does require that your systems for client communications work and work reliably.

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Part 2 starts 9:10 - AI and Automation is now officially a thing in SEO, and not just for writing

The amount of data SEO tools provide is overload and forces users to create custom workflows to make sense of it. Agencies and in-housers can gain a competitive advantage by building their own automation systems to ingest SEO data (rankings, GSC, etc.), analyze it at scale and turn it into actionable insights.

The SEO of 2023 will arm themselves with these tools and systems to create better outcomes for themselves and their stakeholders.

If you are going to crank out a lot of content via AI, the key is how you train the model, how you mix in data from other sources, how you edit it, plus how you structure it to make it seem like it's not written by AI. Hint, write for a 6th grade level.

Part 3 starts 21:45 -Generative AI will increase fake reviews, now what?

ChatGPT and similar generative AI tools can write very credible reviews, very quickly and easily. The number of fake reviews could possibly explode in numbers.
While multi-location businesses care about reviews they don’t really put any energy into them. Is Google equally unconcerned about reviews?

How will this impact the review ecosystem and how will Google respond?

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