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Near Media has been fortunate to work with innovative digital marketers across a wide range of industries. Read about their experience working with us below.

Luke Kervin, Chief Innovation Officer, Tebra

We engaged Near Media to refine our local marketing product strategy, aiming to understand search behavior within our specific sub-verticals. Our goal was to effectively optimize our Google Business Profiles, website, and reputation management products. Near Media's proprietary research methods in search behavior are unmatched, offering us unique and invaluable insights tailored to our target market. They provided a well-prioritized action plan that was insightful and ready for implementation.

Near Media's expertise in local SEO and targeted content strategy has been a game-changer for us.

Christian Espinal, Marketing Director, SecureSpace Self Storage

Working with Greg Sterling, Mike Blumenthal, and David Mihm was an enlightening experience for our self-storage company. Their collective expertise in local digital marketing, local search, and digital presence optimization was evident from the outset. Greg's profound knowledge and foresight in location intelligence and the SMB market, combined with his historical understanding of its evolution, provided a solid foundation for our strategy. Mike's practical insights, drawn from years of firsthand experience in retail and local search, were invaluable in navigating the complex landscape of local SEO. David's strategic approach to digital presence and his deep understanding of how businesses interact with Google search results brought a fresh perspective to our online strategy.

Their comprehensive audit unearthed numerous opportunities for us to enhance our SEO strategy, demonstrating their sophisticated approach to digital marketing. The user testing they conducted, although pricey, was an investment that paid dividends in understanding how our customers search for services in our industry. The insights gained from this exercise were eye-opening and have significantly influenced our approach to customer engagement online. The dedication and time Greg, Mike, and David invested in our project were remarkable, and the results speak volumes of their commitment to excellence. Their collaborative effort has not only improved our online visibility but also positioned us for greater success in the digital arena.

I wholeheartedly recommend Greg Sterling, Mike Blumenthal, and David Mihm to any business seeking to enhance their local search strategy, particularly those in competitive markets. Their combined expertise and innovative approaches are a game-changer for standing out in today's crowded digital landscape.

Daniel Kalish, Managing Partner, HKM Employment Lawyers LLP

I cannot thank Near Media enough for how they helped my employment law firm grow.  The company obtained detailed information about what my potential clients looked for in deciding what law firm to hire – really, the holy grail in marketing.  The company also gave me with a detailed list of how my firm’s offices were performing, explained the differences in that performance, and then provided me with a clear, digestible list of what to actually do to obtain more leads for my firm. 

The work has been crucial to the growth of my law firm, and I could not be happier with the quality of Near Media’s work.

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