Part 1 Starts 00:13 - Failings in Apple Business Connect Agency Model

While the Apple Business Connect Dashboard is well designed and the new API is significant, the product really fails smaller businesses that want their smaller agency to manage their listing for them. As the system is designed, a small business has to get an Apple ID, verify their own listing and then share the admin privileges with their small agency. Too many steps and too much work for most small businesses to engage with.

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Part 2 Starts 9:54 - Big agencies define local as a fad in CallRail survey

In a Callrail survey of 600 agency employees that work for larger agencies respondents thought that metaverse marketing and voice search are better long term investments while localization and AI were fads. Hello?

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Part 3 Starts 15:47 - SEO’s don’t get respect

SEO’s highlighted their greatest difficulties, In a recent Aira & Women in Tech SEO  survey of smaller agencies and freelancers,  were "getting my recommendations implemented" (33%) and  "showing the value of my work" (23%). They also noted a lack of resources, technical debt and lack of bbuy in as reasons for not accomplishing their goals.

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