Part 1 video starts 00:13 - Will Google merging Bard into Assistant resurrect assistants from the ashes?

Google Assistant, offered up by Google as the future of search, has never fulfilled its promise. Will the integration of AI finally free these assistants from their constraints? And will this integration of AI & Assistant with search help or hurt Google as the dominant search engine.

Segment Reference Articles: Bard, Google Assistant to Merge
Breaking the Google Habit

Part 2 video starts 12:07 - Wix integrates AI for SMB content in a way that will helps the SMB

Wix is one of the first web platforms that has integrated ChatGPT as a content creation tool for SMBS. The speed of getting to market is impressive and way that they integrated with prompts makes it much easier for the very small business owner to create content.

Segment Reference Articles Introducing AI Text Creator

Part 3 video starts 17:40 - Can GM build a better CarOS & throw CarPlay away?

General Motors (GM) announced they will stop using CarPlay and Android Auto, and partner with Google to create their infotainment system that collects data about their electric vehicles. However, the move has raised privacy concerns, with  consumers worried about their data being sent to the cloud and resold to third parties, including law enforcement. The car is one of the most private spaces, and the idea that all this data will be centralized makes it even more vulnerable. The move towards privacy would make an Apple car where privacy will be a priority all the more appealing.

Segment Reference Articles:

Reuters: ‘GM Plans to Phase Out Apple CarPlay in EVs, With Google’s Help’

GM plans to phase out Apple CarPlay in EVs, with Google's help