Ep 129: High Impact Content Marketing in the Age of AI

In this expanded guest episode, author Purna Virji brings her many years of experience as a journalist, PR veteran, search marketer, speaker and content creator to content strategy and marketing.

Ep 129: High Impact Content Marketing in the Age of AI

Part 1 starts 00:13 - What Is Content?

Purna Virji and I discuss what motivated her to write the book, how she defines “content” and why she took a very expansive approach to content strategy and marketing. She also discusses the foundation of great content and what digital marketers can learn from traditional marketing.

Part 2 starts 14:40 - Creating ‘High Impact’ Content

What exactly makes a “high impact” content? How do you differentiate your content, especially in a B2B context? Virji explains how to find the overlap between internal company needs and customer needs as the sweet spot and starting point for content marketing. We also discuss why you need to "start with measurement" and why you should always choose quality over quantity. Finally, how do you decide which channels and formats to pursue in a world of expanding content demands?

Part 3 starts 39:40 - AI and the Future of Content

AI will have a major impact on content creation and marketing – it already is. Will it usher in a golden age or a tsunami of mediocrity? Will organizations downsize content departments but maintain the same output expectations? Can AI-generated content be differentiated? We also discuss SEO and why there’s a gap between “create content for people” rhetoric and the “facts on the ground.” Virji is ultimately upbeat and optimistic about the future and ends with advice on a three-pronged framework for creating better content.

If you'd like to go deeper, you can obtain a copy of High Impact Content Marketing:

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  • KoganPage (publisher) website – 20% of with code “HICM” (all caps)