Part 1 starts 00:13: Authority Hacker Survey of Linkbuilders: Buying links works

74.3% of link builders pay for links and 89.1% of link builders say nofollow links have an impact on rankings. David reviewed a new survey of ~800 link builders by Authority Hacker.  Regardless of what Google proclaims, buying links is a tried and tested way to gain site benefits in less than 6 months and it's here to stay.

Reference Article: Survey Of 755 Link Builders Shows What Works In 2022

Part 2 starts 12:20: Alexa pullback by Amazon points to difficulties with Voice

It is estimated that the Alexa unit had a negative $10 billion impact on Amazon this year with no significant contribution to increasing sales. As a result many of Amazon’s layoffs occurred in this department. This calls into question Amazon’s strategy of attempting to create a new platform and highlights the problems that are yet to be solved with voice computer interactions.

Reference Article: Alexa Has Failed: What Now?

Part 3 starts 25:55 : Content Moderation will be at forefront of Sec 230 Fight in 2023

With new laws in Fl. & Texas demanding that platforms allow everyone to express their opinions heading for a Supreme Court day in court, advertisers fearful of blowback and the EU stepping up to insist that Twitter actually moderate speech, the stage is set for a tumultuous 2023. Lawsuits, government intervention or Sec 230 reforms are all possibilities but the problems will escalate before a solution is found.

Reference Article: Toxic Bros. vs. Gatekeepers