Part 1 starts 00:13 - New Google GPB Bug: Your Business is not visible to customers

There is a new bug where thousands of business profiles are being told by Google that “Your Business is not visible to customers”. This message has meant many things: you have a new listing and we will show it when we trust it, your listing has recently been reinstated, your listing is suspended and now somewhat randomly, just because.

This bug reflects Google’s willingness to test new product features on real world businesses despite the pain it may inflict AND puts spotlight on their terrible support.

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Part 2 starts 06:30 - TikTok rolling out search ads, will they come to local?

Greg has become addicted to TikTok just in time for the US to ban it. Now they have started to roll out search ads. Given that it is not what users or businesses expect, it will take a great deal of outreach for TikTok to succeed as a search engine.
TikTok is a great discovery capability that they have not leveraged. Even if they succeed as a search engine they are still leaving the local opportunities on the table. What would it take for them to leverage this potential? This is a market opportunity that no one seems to be exploring.

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Part 3 starts 16:50 - Social mapping tool Gowalla returns to the scene & might just succeed

Bought and shut down by Facebook in 2012. It has been relaunched as a similar looking product that might just succeed in a new era of smartphone users that are willing to share their location with their friends and family.
GoWalla was always a very personal tool and the relaunch reinforces this vibe with an approach that combines curated businesses and your friends.

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