Part 1 Starts 00:13: Washington AG sues plastic surgeon for review fraud- Allure, a chain of Seattle based plastic surgery centers, has been sued under the federal Consumer Review Fairness Act, HIPPA and state law for significant fraudulent activities in the review space. Requiring NDAs prohibiting negative reviews, bribes to take reviews down, photoshopped before and after consumer images and stealing consumer rebates, this practitioner apparently never got the memo. Penalties in the millions of dollars were discussed. Does it portend a jump in review fraud enforcement or just the once every couple of years enforcement chest thumping?  

Segment Reference Articles: AG Ferguson files lawsuit against Seattle-based plastic surgery clinic for bribing, threatening patients to falsely inflate its online ratings | Washington State

Part 2 Starts 6:34: Shopify targets enterprise retail with modern, composable stack for enterprise- Shopify is making a strong show to improve their stock price entering the new year. The most recent Commerce Components is targeted at making integration of the Shopfiy checkout with  enterprise backend software. This seems like a smart strategy to help Shopify move into the enterprise space.

Segment Reference Articles: Shopify enters its next era of growth: redefining enterprise retail

Part 3 Starts 12:21: Bing to integrate ChatGpt & what that means- ChatGPT has been discussed in great detail over the past few weeks. With the announcement of Bing’s intention to integrate ChatGPT with their search engine and Google moving full speed ahead on a competitor, it seems that the chat model will make its way into search. What are the implications for the business model of search engines? What are the implications for searchers?

Segment Reference Articles: Microsoft and OpenAI Working on ChatGPT-Powered Bing in Challenge to Google (paywall)

Microsoft is reportedly integrating ChatGPT's technology into Bing