The Search Gameplan

A location-obsessed SEO & paid search roadmap, custom-built for multi-location brands and vertical agencies.

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Local search is different.

There is no canonical Local SERP.

Keyword localization in many ways dictates content strategy.

Every category, every location is a unique competitive set.

It's not unusual for GBPs to earn 5-10x the engagement of website URLs.

Ad units are unique and have a dramatic impact.

...the list goes on...

And yet it’s an afterthought for most enterprise agencies.

Even the agencies who “get it” apply the same (old) SEO tactics they use for other clients.

Why you need a Search Gameplan

Don’t invest millions of dollars in human resources, content, and ad spend based on dated SEO theories that don’t take localized SERPs into account.

Build your messaging, content architecture, GBP strategy, and ad plans around how potential customers interact with search results for keywords you actually want to rank for.

Near Media's Search Gameplan answers exactly this question: how your customers evaluate and interact with search results. We help you place the right bets for sustained long-term success in Google, no matter how SGE or its successors might change the game.

What your Search Gameplan Includes

Understand not just search volume opportunities in your category, but what search behavior looks like in your category.

We prompt real consumers who fit your target profile to perform bottom-of-funnel mobile and desktop searches. We then watch and listen to their recorded search sessions and standardize their behaviors into a quantitative analysis.

This yields an industry-specific CTR curve across all of Google's various UI elements and provides invaluable insight into messaging themes and packaging preferences you can leverage in ads, metadata, and on-site copy.

Understand which keyword themes are nationalized and which are localized, and where your best organic + GBP opportunities lie.

We perform comprehensive keyword research to understand not just your highest-volume search terms, but how Google localizes those terms in a way that informs your content architecture.

We also analyze your existing performance in key or representative (or all) markets to highlight competitive gaps and markets where you may have significant upside.

Understand your tactical shortcomings today, how you can improve them, and the optimal order to do so.

We perform a complete audit of your current multi-market presence for organic + local SEO best practices, and offer specific remedies for optimal implementation, including:

- GBP reviews and imagery
- site architecture
- content strategy
- on-site keyword targeting

We then prioritize the urgency and importance of those remedies based upon size of impact, confidence in our recommendation, and effort required to achieve that impact.

Why Hire Near Media

It is not an exaggeration to say that Near Media’s three principals have analyzed more local SERPs than anyone else on the planet. We’re three of the oldest OGs in Local.

In few markets is the old adage “You get what you pay for” more true than in search consulting.

Unlike templated laundry lists delivered by junior consultants, you’ll get clear, actionable, prioritized recommendations for specific changes and improvements to your SEO strategy and localized marketing mix.

You won’t get this depth of understanding of how Google thinks about Local, or the clarity of how to adapt your strategy to that thinking, from any other vendor.

Historically, our clients have seen location-page visits increase by as much as 700%, and routinely see GBP engagements double after implementing our recommendations.

Gameplans start at $25,000 and are tailored based on individual client goals and needs.

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