Looking Back at 2021

Looking Back at 2021
Photo by Zoe Holling / Unsplash

Thank you for joining us for the first year of Near Media.

Despite it being a hard year, we relished the opportunity to appear in your inbox and hope that we have added value to your daily life.

For members, we produced a downloadable PDF  that looks at Apple's improvements to Maps for local discovery and their increasing role as a source for SMB customers. If you sign up you will receive your copy:

For the year we published 150 newsletters, 45 podcasts and 37 analysis posts, with help from Adam Dorfman, Miriam Ellis, Andrew Shotland, Chris Silver Smith and Curtis Boyd.

Top 10 Most Read Articles for the Year

Nov: Google's New Business Profile: When Search Becomes a Political Tool

Aug: Reviews on Apple Maps: A Complete Guide

May: How Google Came to Dominate Local Reviews

May: Confessions of a Google Local Guide

Nov: Apple Maps: The Road to Discovery (Part 2)

June: Google's Online Food Ordering Is Magical, and the Future of Local Search

Nov: Apple Maps: The Road to Discovery (Part 1)

July: Google to Permanently Allow Chains the Ability Create Posts via API

July: The High Cost of Fake Reviews

June: Local Listings Domino Theory

EP 44: Local Search Ranking Factors Interview with Darren Shaw

EP 40: Google My Business Rebrand - Is it a chance to fix GMB or an opportunity to nuke part of the stack?

EP 10: SWYFT Opens New Avenues for SMBs to compete with Prime. Is the FTC getting serious about review enforcement? So long Yahoo Answers

EP 12: Zagat reviews rise from the Google ashes; The FTC ability to levy fines is knee capped by SCOTUS; Apple privacy changes AND review capability coming this week

EP 31: MailChimp selling for $10b?, 1-800-Contacts sues Warby Parker over Adwords, Will Yahoo rise again?

We wish you the best for the coming year.

Mike, Greg & David

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