Near Media's 2023 Top Stories & Trends to Watch

These are the 2023 articles, podcasts and videos you read, listened to and watched the most.

Near Media's 2023 Top Stories & Trends to Watch

Near Media produced a lot of content in 2023: more than 150 newsletters, 50+ podcasts, 22 in depth articles and a whole bunch of videos.

Here are the articles, podcasts and videos that you read, listened to and watched the most. And scroll down for some trends to watch in 2024.

Most read analysis of the year

  1. Missing Google Reviews: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to Fighting Fake Google Review Attacks
  3. Google Business Profile: 'Your Business Is Not Visible To Customers'
  4. Google's New Review Algo: What We Know
  5. Bug or Feature: Google Business Profile 'Image Not Approved'

Honorable mentions:

Most listened to podcasts

Podcasts are ~30 minutes in length.

  1. How Local SEO Agencies are using Generative AI & ChatGPT: tips, tactics and strategies
  2. Overture Map Foundation goes open source to solve 3D mapping for the rest of us
  3. Apple Maps KPIs, SEOs & Google quality guidelines, Google SGE usage decline
  4. Do searchers goto the Local Finder?, How many links does a local website need? Google's BS around creating great content
  5. Local Search Ranking Factors Survey with Darren Shaw

Honorable mentions:

Most watched videos

Most YouTube videos run 8 minutes. Interviews run 30-40 minutes.

  1. Why the new Apple Business Connect is so important
  2. Overture Map Foundation goes open source to solve 3D mapping for the “rest of us”
  3. Consumer Reports new app, Permission Slip eases privacy requests but is still a baby step
  4. ChatGPT has added plug-ins & the web integration and it sucks
  5. Failings in Apple Business Connect Agency Model

Honorable mentions:

  • Apple Maps will continue to improve and take on increasing importance to marketers.
  • Google Local Service Ads (and other highly visual ad formats) will be shown more, in more categories, cost more and be worth less.
  • As the quality of search results continues to erode Google will be forced to offer more "answers" in the SERP, leading to more zero-click results.
  • Google SGE and AI snippets will significantly reduce clicks and traffic to publishers for informational queries, especially on mobile devices.
  • Frequent algorithm updates and more SERP volatility will continue in 2024, creating continued ranking instability.
  • Courts will rule that Google is an illegal monopoly in its default search and ad-tech cases. Google's deal with Apple will end but little else will happen. In the ad-tech case, there will be a forced divestiture.
  • Users will continue to seek out alternatives to Google, including AI assistants, but Google's market share will remain largely unchanged.
  • Paid licensing content deals with major publishers will become the norm for AI platforms.

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