November Podcasts and Analysis from Near Media

November Podcasts and Analysis from Near Media
Photo by Matt Botsford / Unsplash


Adam Dorfman, Mike Blumenthal and Greg Sterling covered a lot of interesting ground in November:

  • The GMB rebranding
  • Google's deceptive appeal to small businesses for help with their anti-trust fight
  • Deep dive into Apple's incredible strides in local search
  • A look at the recently released Local Search Ranking factors

Here are the links if you missed them:

Local Search Ranking Factors 2021: What’s New?
The survey chronicles Google’s evolving local ranking algorithm and captures local SEOs’ changing tactics over time.
Apple Maps: The Road to Discovery (Part 2)
Apple is just getting started with its push into local business discovery and monetization for Apple Maps. AR is also in its future.
Apple Maps: The Road to Discovery (Part 1)
Apple’s many recent updates to Maps to improve business discovery and transactions points to long term trend towards both building out Maps and integrating it in the future world of AR.
Google’s New Business Profile: When Search Becomes a Political Tool
Google, in an effort to regain control of the antitrust narrative, has brazenly and deceptively enlisted small businesses to argue the company’s case.
Same Product, New Name: A History of Google Local Profile Name Changes
Introduced as ‘Google Local Business Center’ in 2005, the local listings management tool has been through five iterations, landing on ‘Google Business Profile.’


We took Thanksgiving off, and hope you did too.

We still managed to record 3 shows. The Google My Business Rebrand podcast set listening records and created the basis for a bet between Mike and David: Will the GBP (GMB?) dashboard be nuked? The stakes are high; one beer and our reputations.

Ep 42: Consumer survey indicates that 50% of searches are local, Apple Maps makes discovery push, Apple positions themselves for AR via Maps
67% of Consumers Trust ‘Local Businesses’ More than Internet-Only Brands and over 50% of their search are local; Apple Maps makes discovery push and position themselves for AR
Ep 41: Vista rebrand elegance, Opportunities for new search engines, Google expands SMB propaganda campaign
Vista deftly rebranded & their success shows strength of SMB market, Can new search engines like You make a go of it in the face of Google? Google has expanded their SMB propaganda campaign into Adwords to gain SMB support against anti-trust regulation
Ep 40: Google My Business Rebrand - Is it a chance to fix GMB or an opportunity to nuke part of the stack?
This week we discuss just one topic, the rebranding of the Google My Business tools to the Business Profile. With enhanced in-search and in Maps editing, Google is trying (once again) to lure small businesses to edit their listings via new features. The GMB API will become the Business Profile