We are firmly grounded in fall. At least here, in New York, the leaves are starting to turn. And it appears we are turning the corner on the Delta spike. Here's hoping. In the meantime, life goes on and local is every interesting.


Reviews offer much more than customer praise or complaints. They can reveal unique insights about businesses to anybody paying attention.

What Reviews Tell Us About How Walmart Is Really Doing
Reviews can provide an independent look at management issues and consumer trends at large multi-location chains. This ‘proof of concept’ approach explores Walmart’s inventory woes through the lens of local store reviews.


Every week there is more news in Local than Greg, David or I can cover. So we pick the things that interested us the most. We have made it to Episode 35 and we would love to hear what you like and what you don't!

Ep 34: New retail formats offer hope; How many real customers does Wix have?Will the FTC require ad tracking privacy opt-in?
Can new retail formats save department stores? How many real customers does Wix have? Will we see opt-in privacy options and what does it mean for marketers?
Ep 33: Shopify benchmarks SMB CAC; Reviews tell the story of Walmarts inventory woes; Twitter & WhatsApp now offering local business pages
Shopify CAC, Marketing Benchmarks for SMBs; Is Your Customer Acquisition Cost Sustainable? Benchmarks for Every Industry;What Reviews Tell Us About How Walmart’s Supply Chain Issues; Twitter’s GMB Profile
Ep 31: MailChimp selling for $10b?, 1-800-Contacts sues Warby Parker over Adwords, Will Yahoo rise again?
MailChimp priced at $10b for Intuit proves value of SMB SAAS, 1-800-Contacts sues Warby Parker over trade name use in Adwords, Will Yahoo have a new life after Verizon sale?