The FTC & Reviews: Everything you need to know

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FTC to 700+ Brands: Deceptive Endorsements Will Lead to Financial Pain
The FTC is trying to lay the groundwork for substantial fines against high-profile violators of its endorsement and review guidelines.
With $4.2M Fine, FTC Kills ‘Review Gating’
The agency signaled it’s going to get tough on brands and platforms that engage in review manipulation.
FTC’s Review Guidelines Part I: Business Marketers
The FTC’s new guidelines simplify many things about review solicitation and moderation, but other areas are now murkier.
FTC’s Review Guidelines Part 2: Platforms
The FTC’s guidance for review platforms is sweeping. But enforcement will be selective and “closed platforms” are the most likely targets.
The 10 Review Platforms Who Got FTC Warning Letters
Ten review management platforms were put on notice by the FTC. Here they are and what got them into trouble.
HomeAdvisor Cheated SMBs for Years – FTC
The FTC filed a complaint against HomeAdvisor, saying the company overcharged SMBs and misrepresented leads, and the “likelihood they would result in actual jobs,” since 2014.