August Analysis and Podcasts from Near Media

August Analysis and Podcasts from Near Media
Photo by Courtney Read / Unsplash

Summer is coming to a close and we are soon heading into fall. It seems that we have one more round to go with Covid before we can meet up in person. In the meantime stay in touch with us, let us know what you want to hear more about and most importantly stay safe.  

Here are the articles and podcasts from August that you might have missed:


With articles from Adam Dorfman, Miriam Ellis and Mike Blumenthal:

Reviews on Apple Maps: A Complete Guide
Apple has released the ability to review most businesses in the US. It is fast, easy and hard to spam. Learn the what’s, why’s and wherefores of this significant new review platform.
How to Start a Local Restaurant Delivery Service: An Interview with Clay Seaman of Omaha LoCo
How the co-op model can help build sustainable restaurant delivery that’s better for restaurants and local communities.
First Party: Four Ways Businesses Should Respond to Apple and Google’s Latest Privacy Moves
Cookie and ad ID deprecation have created uncertainty but also opportunity, as companies focus more on first party data as a source for personalization.


The high point of my week is getting a chance to chat with David Mihm and Greg Sterling about the amazing world of local. And without even noticing we hit Episode 30 and as always available in the format that you want to consumer them; at your favorite podcast site, YouTube or on Near Media.

Episode 30: Walmart Deliveries for SMBs, SMB Social Media Disconnect, Apple Maps Reviews
Part 1 Video Starts 00:13 - GoLocal: Walmart’s Last-Mile Delivery Service for SMBs Part 2 Video- Starts 8:28 - The SMB social media disconnect: what SMBs THINK consumers want is not what they want Part 3 Video- Starts 15:25 - With recent roll out of Apple Map
Ep 29: FTC takes big swing at FB, Survey: What SMBs really need, Can a Local food delivery co-op compete?
FTC says Facebook Resorted to Illegal Buy-or-Bury Scheme to Crush Competition After Failed Attempts to Innovate, Clients tell all: What small businesses need from marketing agencies today, How to Start a Local Restaurant Delivery Service: An Interview with Clay Seaman of Omaha LoCo
Ep 28: Google devastates local food delivery, The boom in pet adoption leaves Vets overwhelmed, Amazon sellers paying to delete negative reviews
The unintended consequences of Google ramping up Local Food ordering; local delivery devastated, a surprising outcome of Covid includes Veterinary burnout and a shortage of animal Vets, In the strange world of review abuse merchants pay (or abuse) for negative review takedowns
Ep 27: Yelp’s Positive Q2 Reports, When do SMBs Hire Key Roles & How to Create Content When AI Writes Well
Yelp recovers from pandemic lows, SMBs hire key staff later than thought and how to create content when AI writes it all