Near Media April Analysis and Podcasts

Near Media April Analysis and Podcasts

In addition to our thrice-weekly newsletter we're publishing in-depth analysis and a weekly podcast (the Near Memo). This month we added articles from Adam Dorfman, Chris Silver Smith, Mike Blumenthal and Greg Sterling. If you have strong ideas and opinions you'd like to contribute, please reach out to us.

Here's a look at our deeper dives from the past month:


Amazon’s Ruthless Efficiencies
In Amazon’s efficiencies and ruthlessness we see all of the contradictions of American commerce and culture.
Reputation Management Industry Revenue to Double By 2029
A new report on the Online Reputation Management industry predicts that growth for North America will more than double between now and 2029.
FTC to Speed Rulemaking to Fight Digital Deception
Rebecca Slaughter, the acting Chair of the FTC, disdains fake reviews and has elevated rulemaking at the FTC to do something about it.
Travel and Eating Out Are What Americans Have Been Missing Most
Survey findings tell us consumers are more eager to resume some pre-COVID activities than others.
Why Businesses Need to Tell Visual Stories with Their Employees
In this era of visual storytelling, employee information and images are a way to build trust and humanize your brand.


The Near Memo, Episode 13
Is Apple being paternalistic to not allow advertisers to provide ATT incentives? Can Yelp make their way with transactions? Amazon, amazing profits, amazing (& ruthless) efficiencies
The Near Memo, Episode 12
Zagat reviews, but shorter and more visual, rise from the Google ashes; The FTC ability to levy fines as a deterrent is knee capped by SCOTUS; Apple privacy changes AND review capability coming this week.
The Near Memo, Episode 11
FB Survey: increased SMB e-commerce & struggles. What will consumers do when the economy opens? SubStack creates program to develop local news.
The Near Memo, Episode 10
SWYFT Opens New Avenues for SMBs to compete with Prime. Is the FTC getting serious about review enforcement? So long Yahoo Answers, can Google Local Guides get this product category right?